2013, Cifte hamam, Skopje, National Gallery of Macedonia
Curator - Maja Cankulovska-Mihajlovska

Game of (pulling the) strings… The explication of Angel Miov’s latest project, ironically titled “Pull the strings…”, offers several open interpretations of the title itself, but also of the artistic material with variable context and meaning in modern life.

In the first place, the double meaning (or ambiguity) that is suggested in the title alludes to: the art aesthetics of the material that the artist used in the creation of his works – strings of synthetic material (curtains); the process of making the work itself (simultaneous strokes, pulling multiple lines at once), but also to the metaphorical meaning that this phrase contains and denotes in everyday speech.

The leading artistic expression of Angel Miov starts from the classical approach to creating a work of art and the use of basic painting (more specifically drawing) principles that start from the line as a tool and symbol. Drawing multiple lines simultaneously creates different situations of which part is random and some are consciously approved by the artist. The linearity is emphasized by the free abstract lines, but also by those “disciplined” ones that create various stories/displays.