(art, mirror, chair, candidate, world, person...)
• Instalation with video performance
• Dimensions: variable (approximately 4m x 4m x 4m)
• Year of production: 2011

The installation shows a room-atelier. It is a readymade composed of all objects needed for creating classical painting, all the artist’s equipment and tools. Everything is prepared for the artist to begin the solemn act, creation of the artwork. But the atelier is ghostly clean, there is no sign of the process of creation. The action is stopped. The audience can move freely through the space, but on every object there is sign NO. Next to the easel from the TV a video performance with opera singer who sings Chopin’s funeral march with one word NO, is emitted.
The artwork sets the question about the author’s identity versus artwork, the identity of the artwork versus objects and art. Does the mass of information become lack of information, the freedom of choice, a restriction.