site-specific installation with a video performance, Cultural centre Art I.N.S.T.I.T.U.T., Skopje, Macedonia, November 2009.
• Dimensions: 4,5m x 5m x 3,5m
• Materials and elements: plywood, monitors, artist's equipment and tools, textile, lighting, video.

The artwork represents a room-atelier, classical, idealised, delightful. Supplied with all the artist's equipment and tools: an easel, paints, empty painting canvases, brushes, model doll... Everything is prepared for the artist to begin the solemn act, creation of the work of art. The visitors don't have approach to the atelier, they only have the possibility to put a glance on it from different angles through small rectangle holes on the partition wall, what gives them partial perception of the space behind the partition wall. On the monitors incorporated in the wall they can only see the past event that happened inside:

There was one ballerina, who attempts to realise how did she get there, She begins her dance simultaneously exploring the artists‛ equipment truing to find its purpose. She was not aware that she had the role of a Muse, and she interrupted a very important meeting, Van Gogh, Degas, Rembrandt, Lautrec, Duchamp and Tchaikovsky were there. She stole the artist's beret and put it on her had, then she stole the umbrella and she covered her body with it to prevent getting wet from doubts. Then unexpectedly she went away. Everybody was gone, only a message was left on the wall. It said:

Once Van Gogh, Degas, Rembrandt, Lautrec, Duchamp and Tchaikovsky gathered together. Van Gogh brought a chair, Tchaikovsky made a tea, Duchamp kept silent.
They gathered to discus some very important issues about art. Nobody said anything, maybe the time wasn't right, maybe they were all staring at the muse of the absurd, the absurd to meet each other.
So they went away in silence, without saying anything.
Too bad you have missed them, they were very funny...

Angel Miov