,,There is only one truth and the interpreters lie,
and that's why they have horns." Angel Miov

The Angel Miov's piece is generally composed of two segments: the first one – plain framed canvases, and the second – objects (ready-made) placed in front and near the canvases. Using the canvases and readymades in the space, the author has a tendency to present the means for creating art, that is to say, the process of idea forming itself, bringing the structures to an aesthetical concept in a given moment.
The objects (chair,  hat,  little canvases,  suitcases,  pallets,  brushes,  glasses,  horns,  prepared foxes, fruits...)  placed in a neo-dada conceptual model,  reflect traces from already canonized artworks from the world art archives ( Dushamp,  Kosuth,  Picasso,  Van Gogh,  Dali...),  giving the whole presentation an nostalgic thread for the “great art”.  The scattered themes in which a reminiscences of a famous painting compositions and objects from the painters craft (brushes, canvases, pallets, easels) can be noticed, remind us of the single constant in this installation collage, and that is the artist.
Miov is presenting the idea as directly and as clearly as he can, but it offers a possibility for the subjective perceptions, creating a prospect for different interpretations. He subtly weaves the narrative for the art as a decision, process,
concept, not as an end product, i.e. completed artwork. Н is indifference towards the meaning and the old form of expressiveness, as well as the wordplay in the textual part of the installation, convert the seriousness of the artwork
into an ironic discourse.
This artwork opens with a multitude of objects that draw our attention, hiding symbols that allow every observer to weave stories of his/her own, questions and assumptions.

Elena Trencheva